Measuring Your dog

When Measuring you dog you want to use a soft tape measure. The measurements should be snug and it is recommended to take the measurements a couple of time to get the correct measurement.

Collar Circumference:
Measurement where the collar lies naturally
Chest Circumference:
Measurement just behind the front legs
Edge Circumference:
Measure just infront of the back legs
Collar to Chest:
Measure along the spine from collar to chest.
(Just behind the front legs)
Collar to edge:
Measure along the spine from collar to edge
(Just infront of the back legs)
Collar to tail:
Measure along the spine from collar to tail

Doggie Wetsuits are perfect for your water loving pets. They keep your Dog warm and provide positive Buoyancy*

Wetsuits are suitable for dogs that: Surf, dock dive, hydrotherapy, hunting** and most other water sports activities.

*The wetsuit is not a life saving device.
**Hunting dogs may have a longer working life when provided with the warmth and protection of a wetsuit.

Doggie Wetsuits is a division of Surf ’n Sea Custom Wetsuits, which was established 1954.